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DR. Michael Tait:

Dr. Michael Tait was born in New Zealand and qualified as a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the Otago Medicine School in 1957.
Subsequent to his basic qualifications, Dr. Tait received postgraduate qualifications in General Practice (MRCGP) and became a member of the Australian College of Herbal Medicine and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

His interest in the attainment of robust and lasting good health for all has not been confined to medicine practice as Dr. Tait long has had a strong profile in other health and sporting fields. He was ranked in the top three in New Zealand fencing and was an Australian Professional fencing coach. During this time he established his principles of athletic success through the medium of affirmations, nutritional excellence, goal setting plus an understanding and application of the enormous potential of positive mind power.

He has lectured extensively in Australia and internationally on antioxidants and other natural nutritional aids

Probably foremost among Dr. Tait’s missions has been a consuming desire to find the causes of his patents’ illnesses. Having been involved in some one and a half million consultations during his career, he has developed an attitude of rebellion against the apparently standard medical practice of treating the end result of a disease rather than identifying and treating the causes of illness.

It was for this reason that he founded the Perth Pathology service in Western Australia in 1977 as a means of investigating his and other practitioners’ diagnostic problems.

In 1984, he founded Medivs International a company whose goal it was to provide all international travelers with a microfiche card detailing their entire relevant medical history.

In 1985, he became Director of an English and Asian based company Mediplan International that provide emergency on call medical services and airlift services to travelers.

In 2000, Dr. Tait found the Australian Anti-Aging Clinic and become a member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine allied with the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine. His clinics have established an enviable record through their high standard of investigation and diseases prevention and he was the first to establish a medically qualified Anti-Aging Clinic in the northern half of Australia.

He has established clinics for the prevention and treatment of cancer, obesity and ageing and it has a firm focus on the wellness of the human race and thus the prevention of diseases.

Dr. Tait is a strong advocate of the philosophy that chronological aging is inevitable but the ravages of age are not necessary and can be reversed. This is possible by the use of a healthy diet, the best nutritional supplements available, and a possible attitude to life, the regular use of meditation and the employment of regular aerobic and weight training.


Part 1
The ATP Zeta Program
By Dr Michael Tait MD


The ATP ZETA Program is the result of the very latest (and continuing) research into what is happening within our bodies and presents a scientific explanation of why we deteriorate physically as we age and why we can, after all these centuries of trying, take real steps to prevent the deterioration of age and actually predict those previously unseen danger signals to our good health.

Some of what is said in this book is necessarily of a scientific nature but generally you should have no trouble understanding what is said. You should feel encouraged to read the whole explanation of the remarkable new techniques that are being outlined here for the first time. As you proceed, all will be made clear and you will be that much closer to enjoying robust good health through a long and active life.

The Program

The human body today labours under a wide range of difficulties and threats to its health and well being that, never in human history, have been encountered to the same extent. It is obvious that a new and much more comprehensive approach to human health is needed if these challenges are not lead to a widespread decline in the health, vitality and longevity of people who live the modern lifestyle of the western world. It was with this aim in view that the ATP Zeta Program was devised.

The ATP Zeta Program sets out to offset the effects that the environment and lifestyles have in causing human illness. This is a result of deficiency of oxygen and hydrogen; soil depletion which leads to nutrient deficiency in food; the weakening of the immune system- which is subject to severe and constant stress; the highly toxic nature of the body combined with imperfect elimination and the fact that the chemical processes involved in the proper functioning of our cells have been compromised.

The five elements of the ATP Zeta Program have been formulated to ensure the maximum contribution for the existence if the human cell at the highest possible level.

Our clinics specialize in anti-obesity and we study with interest the controversy surrounding the place of high glycemic diets. Carbohydrates, which have a high glycemic rating, are said by nutritionists to be more likely to be converted to fat than those with a low glycemic rating. The debate centres around whether a high glycemic diet or a low glycemic diet contributes to obesity or whether they both have a common denominator. The theorists are missing the fact that, at the heart of the matter, is the source of the trouble; how does the cell deal with the problem at the mitochondria level (which is where all the energy processes of the cell occur) and is it equipped to handle this or any problem at all?

The basic problem is: have the mitochondria been given a chance to function in the proper way?

It is the way in which the mitochondria have been limited in their attempt to achieve perfection of function that is the missing link. The business of the mitochondria is to convert the nutrients from digested food into the basic energy, which enable the cell to be alive.

There are more than three hundred trillion cells in the human body, working together to perform the myriad operation necessary to sustain life. Each cell contains about 1200 mitochondria and science now recognizes that these mitochondria are separate entities with their own DNA; separate from the DNA of the body.

The essential energy unit in the cell consists of one adenosine molecule with three phosphate molecules and this forms the basic triangle of essential energy for the cell and therefore for the whole body.

The energy source is called ATP [Adenosine tri-Phosphate] and the function, directed by the mitochondria DNA, is known as ‘aerobic respiration’. As a result of this tremendous energy production by the mitochondria, they are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cells. Yet we, in our ignorance, despite all our knowledge, seems to conspire with our lifestyle habits to overwhelm this mighty computer that is our body and its amazing internal resources. We appear to be trying our best to destroy the wonderful heritage bestowed on us by this evolution of intracellular energy production.

The sheer size of what the mitochondria achieve challenges that imagination. It is almost impossible to grasp the enormous and complicated chemical activities involved in aerobic respiration involving ATP and it is amazing that they can take place in such a tiny (~0.0002cm) structure, the functions of which exceed those of, for example, the largest atomic plant in the world. The ATP that is formed by them is transported to the cell matrix known as the cytoplasm where it is utilized in virtually every energy requirement of the cell and, therefore, the body as a whole. The maintenance of this optimal mitochondria health is the most essential requirement of the human body in order to achieve quality life and longevity.

Many biochemists now believe that these mitochondria, with their own nuclear DNA, are the origins of life and that millions of years ago they existed as individual primitive bacteria known as prokaryotes. These prokaryotes were ingested by other larger life forms and remained inside them in a balanced, symbiotic relationship to form the modern basis of a cell containing many mitochondria.

One of the most popular theories concerning the cause of ageing hazards is that mitochordrial mutation is constantly occurring and the longer this goes on the more mitochondrial damage there is.

Free radical formation occurring as a consequence largely of the environmental damage to which we are constantly exposed, is an unavoidable side effect of normal mitochondrial function, but unfortunately there free radicals also predispose to mitochondrial mutations (aberrant mitochondrial divisions) the more mutations there are the more likely it is that the mitochondrial DNA will be damaged and this in turn ultimately results in cell death.

Telomerase, which determine the age of an individual, exist at the end of chromosomes, become shorter with time and with repetitive cell divisions and therefore are in some way associated with the ageing process.

This shortening is also associated with the gradual decrease in the level of an enzyme called telomerase and if is here that research scientists are also focusing their attention in their studies of ageing. When telomerase is present, it acts like a molecular repairman, fixing and maintaining the telomerase so that never drop below their critical length. If this can be achieved and controlled the cells will continue to divide forever.

It is interesting to note that, right now, science can create a mouse as big as an elephant (or an elephant as small as a mouse). Imagine that! We are really only just beginning one of the most fascinating and critical journeys into the science of life.

The remarkable fact is that telomerase is present in about 95% of all malignant cancer cells in humans but not to the same extent in normal cells, thereby giving the cancer cells a state of relative immortality. It is therefore intriguing to consider the results of research, which would increase the life, and activity of telomerase. Would this result in more cancers or would it result in linger life? We await the results of current research with abiding interest.

The term “Zeta Potential ” refers to the electrical charge on a particle. When the problems listed above in relation to environment, food and bodily functions have been engaged seriously by appropriate remedies, the human cell has a chance to regain its proper zeta potential charge and then can function at maximum capacity to produce radiant health.

Zeta potential is a measure of the electrical forces that exist between atoms, molecules, particles, suspensions, cells and other objects, existing in a fluid medium. If represents a basic law of nature and plays a vital role in every aspect of animal life. A low Zeta potential can be compared with the high magnetic force, which draws magnets together – this produces a clumping effect.

The higher the Zeta potential, the greater the stability of the substance, and the greater there ability of it to be assimilated in the body. Why? Because if a substance has a high Zeta potential, it has a greater tendency to be repelled by another substance and therefore will not tend to adhere, clump, or coagulate with them, obviously the body cannot as readily assimilate substances which tend to clump together because of their low Zeta potential.

It is interesting to note that in soil, which is considered as one of the pillars of life, fertile soil has a high paramagnetic value and conversely a poorly nourished soil has a low paramagnetic values and the state of the soil! Is there in fact a parallel of function?

The principle of good health lies in maintaining the correct hydroelectric properties in our vascular systems and in our intra- and extra-cellular compartments.

The liquids in our body provide the environment for the correct Zeta potential particles to attain their maximum cellular penetration and assimilation.

These programs of maximum wellness is aimed at the restoration of the full health and vigour of the human person, moving from the cellular level outwards, and for that reason have been called “The ATP Zeta Program.”

Why does the ATP Zeta Program work? Because nothing can be added to the body that does not concern itself with cell intelligence, and cell intelligence refuses to assimilate those substances, which are poisons.

All the functional cells of the body reject poisons, refusing to assimilate them, and to the utmost of their resistive and eliminative powers, wage war on the inimical and disintegrative action adversely affecting the unit integrity and tissue continuity.

The phenomena of nature are manifest everywhere in an observably endless series of changes. Every atom of matter is in motion. Nothing is still, yet through this eternal activity there is law, order, and harmony. Within the cell there is tremendous activity and a relative state of chaos but despite this, within the mitochondria there is harmony in the midst of this chaos. All bodies are constantly absorbing and giving us radiant energy, constantly exchanging their ions for some other ions to form different substances, molecules, or compound bodies. These are called chemical changes. They are brought about by their different chemical affinities, which by recent investigation have been proven to be electrical.

This science is new and is called the science of iontophoresis, also known as medical ionisation. There is no disease than can resist the powerful alternative therapies- if in the ionised form!


A Five-Part Program

The ATP ZETA Program is in five parts, each of which is unique with regards to its own beneficial effects at a cellular level. The combined synergistic effect of the five parts is also unique and these cumulative effects on total cellular health are enormous.

The five parts of the program are: 
1 ATP 1: a total nutrient package
2 ATP 2: a unique contribution of H2 and O2
3 ATP 3: ionic magnesium and calcium
4 ATP 4: essential fatty acids
5 ATP 5: a powerful immuno-stimulant


The three ingredients used in ATP 1 come from the remote regions of northwestern Australia, one of the most pristine places remaining on the earth’s surface.

The first ingredient

The first ingredient is a unique combination of rare Australian bush fruits and flowers, such as lillipilli, Rosella, kakadu plum and kujara. These contain compounds that have been shown to be anti-carcinogenic and which works against the formation of abnormal organisms and abnormal mutations.

In 1988, a team of British and Australian scientists sponsored by the royal geographic society, reported that some of the most potent fruits and flowers for the human health and nutrition in the world come from the northwestern Australian outback.

These extracts have been formulated into a product, which contains one of the widest spectra of vitamins, minerals and enzymes of any food on earth coming form the combination of the best of these rare foods. They contain the most significant of the fruits seeds, herbs and flowers used by the aboriginal people for their food and their medicine and in fact the kakasdu plum, is the world’s highest yielding fruits source of vitamin C.

Victor Cherikoff, a research associate and post-graduate project supervisor at the university of the new south Wales, a world authority in Australian native wild foods, states that these plants contain powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins, immuno-stimulants, anti-carcinogenic, anti-teratogenics, anti-mutagenics, muscle relaxants and mental stimulants. His book, the bush food handbook, 1989, is recongnized as the standard work in the field. It is the synergistic effect if such an incredible combination of the best of these native floras that has resulted in this universally acclaimed product, shortly to be released globally.

The second ingredient

The second ingredient is a cultivated organic wheat grass sprout, which contains 98 out of 102 earth elements and is 70% crude chlorophyll. If is a complete food and contains all the ingredients necessary to sustain life. It contain of rich pure organic substances that have been proven in clinical trials to alter (in a positive way) the health of individuals. Added to the already powerful first ingredient, it is a powerful ally in total body nutrition.
– One teaspoon of wheat grass contains as much nutritional value as approximately one kilo of fresh green vegetables in vitamin, mineral and amino content.
– It is a complete protein with 20 amino acids and 30 enzymes.
– Wheat grass is assimilated into the stomach in 20 minutes.
– When taken in the morning it lasts all days
– It is more nutritious than the choicest vegetables.
– Chlorophyll has dynamic powers to regenerate cells.

The final ingredient

The last ingredient is rare Australian super bee pollen. Bee pollen is one of the world’s richest sources of amino acids and contains every enezyme, vitamin and mineral necessary to sustain life. Its protein is in the form of free amino acids, which can be assimilated immediately by the body. Bee pollen is actually richer in proteins than any normal substance available because bees recognize and select only pollens, which are rich in amino acids. While the body normally absorbs only about four or five percent of bee pollen in the granular form, a patented process used in the production of ATP 1 ensures total absorption.

It also provides an exceptionally rich in glycosides and therefore aids the rapid and complete absorption of all nutrients into the body.

French agriculturist, Alain Caillas (Laureate of the Academy of Agriculture Paris) and world authority on
Bee Pollen, said:

1. Bee pollen could be the perfect food.
2. As little as 20 grams per day could constitute a survival diet.

There are more than 200 people living in the Soviet Union who claim to be over 100 years old. Letters were sent to them asking three questions. 150 out of the 200 replied. All of them, without exception, said that their principle food always had been honey.”

” We found out that in each of them, it wasn’t really honey these people ate, but the waste matter in the bottom of the beehive,” the report said.

Biochemical researchers found it was not the honey they were eating but almost pure pollen, which falls off the bee’s legs while they deposit their honey. It has been demonstrated, by those who use pure bee pollen, that they experience increased sexual vitality. The natural hormones contained within this rare pollen cause increased hormonal production. The purest pollen known to science is what is contained in the ATP Zeta Program.

Dr. Remy Chauvin, of the Institute for Bee Culture in Bures-sur-Yvett, France, reported to the French Academy of Medicine in 1956. That the use of bee pollen gave the animals he had been observing increased vitality and improved powers of reproduction through boosted fertility.

Dr. Chauvin gave bee pollen to a test group of children, adults and the elderly and reported the following:
・ Clinically: improved bowel function, less constipation and flatulence.
・ Anaemic children show rapid increase in red blood cells.
・ A natural antibiotic function is associated with bee pollen.
・ It has the ability to destroy unwanted microbes in the body.
・ Bee pollen is a natural antibiotic, which cleanses the internal organs.
・ Bee pollen facts and contents:
・ 35% protein, of which approximately half is in the free form amino acids, meaning it is essential to life and is assimilated immediately by the body.
・ 40% of the content is made up of various forms of natural sugars
・ 5% is fats
・ 3% is minerals and oligo-elements, which carry needed nutrients to all parts of the body
・ Rich in enzymes, which supply the body with energy
・ No other natural source contains all of the elements found in bee pollen.
・ Due to the high content of nutrition it slows down the ageing process.
・ Contain folic acid.
・ Glucoside helps transport nutrients into the blood system.
・ Instantly absorbed, can be found in the blood stream within 30 minutes.
・ Contain linoleic and other fatty acids needed by man.

ATP 1 has been called “the rarest, finest, whole food on earth” and it contains one of the highest spectra of vitamins, minerals and enzymes of any food. Testing on vibrational frequency machines in Japan displays a frequency reading far beyond that of any other food substance ever tested. If contains the ingredients which fuel the human machine.


ATP 2 contains a rare and potent combination of three precious ingredients-Colloidal Gold, platinum and Germanium. It utilizes a unique water splitting property to created ‘free spinning’ oxygen and important hydrogen in the body.

Many scientists now hold the opinion that oxygen starvations at the cellular level cause most disease and infection. ATP 2 helps to generate more oxygen! Bacteria, viruses, fungi parasites and other pathogens that contribute to disease are anaerobic and cannot live in high levels of oxygen!

So, if we flood our bodies with oxygen, what happens to the offending toxins and microbes, the major causes of all disease and ageing? They are destroyed!

ATP2 takes the water (H20) that is already in the body; break it down into hydrogen and oxygen, and releases both into the body. Because it can perform this unique function, ATP 2 is known as the Rolls Royce of all oxygen products and therapies.

The only way disease-causing pollution and trash can leave our body is first to be combined with oxygen: in other words, oxidized. Without enough oxygen, the body simply cannot remove the inner garbage. It is interesting to note that nutrients occurring in out diets as proteins, carbohydrates and fats must have oxygen present to convert their potential energy into useable energy. Additionally, in order for new cells to be formed, hundreds of amino acids must link together. They do this by using oxygen as the source of the energy to facilitate their binding together.

Unlike other oxygen therapies, ATP 2 also delivers an extremely important plus factor: the production of vital and necessary nascent hydrogen, or free spin hydrogen ions-the basic building blocks of life. ATP 2 works by dissociating water into two necessary elements: nascent oxygen and hydrogen. Therein lays its remarkable potency.

The current buzzword in nutrition is ‘Hydrogen’. Hydrogen is just as important as oxygen since it is used by the body to build and repair the immune system as well as the body’s cells, tissues and organs.

Hydrogen and oxygen are two gases necessary for life. Combined with carbon and nitrogen, they form proteins. Combined with carbon alone, they form carbohydrates. Combined with each other, they make water. It is important to note that all of these compounds and elements exist in our blood.

ATP 2 also contains enzymes, electrolytes, 36 amino acids and 68 minerals. Enzymes are molecules that operate to speedup the role of a chemical reaction. They also function as the purifying and dissolving scavengers and catalysts that remove waste. Enzymes are, in effect, the body’s labour force. They are the workers responsible for every activity of life. Even thinking requires enzyme activity.

Enzymes convert the food we eat into a chemical structure that can pass through the cell membranes of the digestive tract to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Enzymes also aids in converting food into new muscle, flesh, bone, nerves and glands and are necessary to repair damage tissues and to eradicate disease.

Enzymes are critical to life itself. You cannot live without enzymes.

We are all born with a finite supply of materials in our bodies with which to create enzymes and, when we run out of enzymes, we die. Digestive enzymes work to digest our food. Metabolic enzymes support our immune system and are critical to every function of the body. In the absence of digestive enzymes, food that is sitting in our stomach signals our body to convert metabolic enzymes to digestive enzymes just to digest the food, thus depleting our body of further life-giving enzymes and precious energy.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are involved in the biochemical structure of hormones, enzymes, nutrient carriers, and antibodies, as well as in the development of collagen (muscles, tendons, and so forth). Many amino acids have been shown through research and in chemical studies, to be therapeutic in many conditions such as hearth disease, Parkinson’s diseases, pain, depression and immune function.

Many of the minerals found in ATP 2 are rare in most diets. ATP 2 contains minerals in the ionic state (the smallest size in which a mineral can exist). This greatly assists with the efficient utilization by the body.

ATP 2 works by dissociating water into nascent oxygen and hydrogen, enabling individual body cells to be nourished by a steady stream of 68 essential major and trace elements and minerals maintained in free solution, which it then delivers to every single cell in the body.

They also replenish blood levels of these trace minerals and micronutrients and enhance the metabolic benefits of other supplements and nutrients at the cellular level. They assist with the elimination of toxins and waste materials from the body.

The following three elements are essential parts of ATP 2:

Gold is a very subtle though powerful pain reliever, which helps in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. The positive healing effects of gold have been observed and reported throughout history with accounts stretching back to ancient times. The earliest documented use in ‘modern’ medicine was in 1890 when Dr. Robert Koch discovered that Tubercle Bacuillus could not live in the presence of Gold.

Doctors are using platinum in Germany for the treatment of cancer and they are having what many consider being quite miraculous results. Platinum has also been shown to be effective for PMS (PMT), cold feet, circulatory problems and low energy levels.

Germanium was discovered by Clemens Winkler, a German Scientist (hence the Germanium). In human biology, germanium is highly efficient as an intracellular electrical impulse initiator. It helps correct distortions in the electrical aggregate of the human body and is a metallic cofactor for oxygen utilization.

Germanium is necessary for the optimum nutrition of the human body. This element is amazing as it raises the level of activity of various organs by enabling them to attract more oxygen. It is responsible for providing more oxygen to the body as well as expelling harmful pollutants and pathogens or rendering them harmless. Severely reduced immune status, arthritis, osteoporosis and low energy typify germanium deficiencies.

It takes eleven months for all of the cells in the body to rebuild themselves. You are urged to consider how healthy your body could become if to gave it all the proper building blocks: all the water, oxygen and hydrogen; all the major and trace minerals; plus all the enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes, and nutrients it needs for optimal functioning.


This is a state of the art natural product designed to be added to foods and beverages. It contains a complex of apple cider, calcium and magnesium. The ingredients work synergistically to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. When added to hot water it is transformed into an ionized state.


Dr. Shealy M.D, PhD, Neurosurgeon state that “…. Every known disease is associated with magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is the most critical mineral required for electrical stability of every cell in the body. Magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms may include any of the following;

・ Sleep disorders, including insomnia
・ Fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome
・ Hypertension
・ PMS and painful menstruations
・ Kidney stones
・ Osteoporosis
・ Acceleration of the ageing process
・ Muscle cramps
・ Irregular heart action

A major problem with magnesium has been the inability of the body to absorb it but this has been solved by ionizing the magnesium. Therefore it can be rapidly transferred to the cells without any other function following absorption from the bowel.

The human body involves many complicated physical and chemical reactions in order to be able to function efficiently.

Without the efficient functioning of all these elements, little can be expected in the attainment of complete health. Life is full of mysteries as natural is full of mysteries. This product has incorporated the two great mysteries of life by providing the natural pure organic foods to feed the miraculous of the human body.

The vital life forces upon which humanity depends are pure organic substances to maintain a highly tuned and complex machine and it is for this that the ATP Zeta concept has been introduced.

Within the body there is a massive framework of ongoing construction using the building materials required in the formation of bones, including teeth, muscles, skin, organs and all other functioning parts of the great human machine.

Through observations over time and through diligent investigation in the health sciences, if has been learned that certain key minerals are needed to sustain a high quality of life. Many researches have tried to attain this high level of quality by putting together all sorts of products and proposals but none have brought the convincing results demonstrated by the ATP Zeta Program.

This program has been developed following extensive research and with the fullest understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the human body. It is highly charged and highly effective and will overcome many deficiencies.

A product of unusual characteristics has been developed to help perform functions within the complex human machine. As the human body has cell intelligence, it is very difficult to fool it. That is why extreme care was taken to develop this second of the three parts.

Realising the difficulty of getting key minerals into the body was the first task of understanding how to develop this product. Issues that had to be dealt with included:

・ Absorption through the gut in the best and most effective method.
・ Usability of ingredients once the product had been ingested.
・ Short term and long term effectiveness of the end product upon the great human machine.
・ Offshoot benefits that can be gained by using the most effective product available.

The best way to get highly bio-available minerals into the body was proven by medical studies at Creighton Medical School in the United States. Researchers there found that if the minerals were in an ionic state, and if they could cross the blood brain barrier, then they would be of the greatest value to cellular function at all levels.

That product, in the form of ATP 3, has been developed and is now in place for increasing and dramatically improving the health of the human body. It boasts the following features:
・ A unique tailor-made chemistry
・ Key ingredients, which are synergistic
・ Ingredients that are derived from nature
・ Ingredients that are effective and show results.
・ Ingredients, which work intra- as well as extra- cellular.
・ Synergistic benefits gained by all the ingredients in ATP 3.
・ Have no side effects.

The ingredients in ATP 3 are ionic, highly charged, balanced, natural products, which contain only selective and health department approved ingredients with state of the art proprietary manufacturing methods.

Through the manufacturing process, the ingredients become synergistic and highly absorbable. The synergism of ingredients demonstrates the following:

・ Induces a more relaxed persona.
・ Generates a great improvement in the sleep pattern.
・ Rids the body of muscle cramping and restless legs.
・ Increases the ability of the body to grow bone.
・ Gives better teeth, gums and skin.
・ Increases DNA function of the body.
・ Increases membrane integrity and therefore improves control of membrane permeability to all minerals.
・ Increase the ability of the body to coagulate blood.
・ Acts as a second or third messenger for the transmission of many hormone functions on the receptor site of cell membranes.
・ Increase cell division
・ Increase egg fertilization
・ Effects chromosome movement

With modern highly tuned and effective proprietary methods, it is now possible to create a superior; highly absorbable product that contains magnesium derived from ocean water. This in concert with calcium derived from plant source material then made synergistic with acetic acid- with tannins removed – gives the user the most effective means of obtaining a synergistic calcium magnesium product.

This product has the ability to increase the health of any individual.

According to Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D. and Neurosurgeon, every illness known to man can be associated with this key mineral. Dr. Shealy also states that some 350 different enzymes are affected or rely upon magnesium. One of the most interesting points concerning magnesium is that every time ATP is converted to ADP and back to ATP, magnesium is at the forefront waiting to go into action.

Through diligent research an ionic form of magnesium product has been developed. This ionic form of magnesium is available in a liquid dropper form, which is the most effective way to take it.

Ionic magnesium has life changing implications, and the benefits that can be derived from it in the ATP ZETA Program are:

・ Heart conditions can be diminished.
・ Enormous cardiovascular benefits are obtained.
・ Restful sleep is obtained and insomnia corrected.
・ Skin becomes softer.
・ Cramping is reduced especially in women.
・ Menstrual cramps can be significantly eliminated.
・ Muscle cramps are lessened in athletes.
・ Higher energy levels can be attained if used throughout the day.
・ Blood sugar imbalances are corrected.
・ Craving for chocolate are corrected.

This product can give those with very low energy levels new hopes and, if used with the complete ATP ZETA program, more energy than ever before will be demonstrated.

Clinical observations made since introducing people to this program:
1. More efficient thinking
2. More endurance throughout the day
3. Softer more supple skin
4. A more youthful looking appearance
5. A more positive attitude
6. A desire to be more active in life
7. Removal of stiffness and sore muscles.
8. The elderly show rejuvenation both physically and mentally.
9. Cleansing of the colon.
10. Better stools
11. The body responds well to increasing activity.
12. People feel more youthful
13. The body fends off viral and bacterial infections more easily.
14. People experience a restored sense of well-being.

In summary, this ATP ZETA Program is the coming together of the old and the new to create a constant state of health.


Fatty acids are nutritional components contained in fats and oils found in the human diet. Fatty acids come in four forms: saturated, unsaturated, essential and necessary. An essential fatty acid is always polyunsaturated and is one that the body requires but cannot produce itself.

Only two fatty acids series are essential to human health:

The first is the Omega 6 series

1. Linoleic acid. Found abundantly in polyunsaturated safflower oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and grape seed oils.
2. Gamma-linolenic acid. Found in evening primrose borage oil. Blackcurrant oil, vegetables and legumes.

The second is the Omega 3 series

1. Alpha-linolenic acid. Found abundantly in linseed oil, canola oil. Walnut oil, soybean oil, vegetables, legumes, watercress and seaweeds.

EFA’s (essential fatty acids) form a vital protective barrier that keeps viruses, yeasts, bacteria, fungi and other foreign molecules outsides of the cell and keep the genetic material of the cell, as well as its enzymes and proteins, inside the cell.

The presence of EFA’s is essential to the proper movement of substances in and out of the cells.

The body uses the essential fatty acids to:
・ Provide energy
・ Maintain structure and function of membranes
・ Modulate cell division processes
・ Enhance and maintain inflammation processes.
・ Modulate transport and oxidation of cholesterol
・ Act as precursors of prostaglandin’s, which act as regulators of the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, brain, nerves and the immune system.
・ Modulate hormone receptor function
・ Maintain body temperature
・ Insulate the nerves and regulate neurotransmitter function
・ Maintain skin permeability

The essential fatty acids are valuable to health because they react with oxygen and are very active chemically in human food. The molecules of EFA’s carry a negative charge and as a result they repel each other, in this way spreading throughout the body in a very efficient way (that is, they have a high Zeta potential). This deep penetration enables the EFA’s to take toxins that are soluble in oil from deep within the tissues of the body to the surface to be eliminated. EFA’s are also important in protein chemistry by facilitating the movement of electrons and energy on which life depends.

EFA’s play a vital role in regulating human health. All of the EFA’s must be obtained from foods in an appropriate ratio but the hydrogenated and over hydrogenated fats, which form such a major parts of the western diet today, interfere greatly with the proper functions of EFA’s.

To be of benefits the EFA’s must be fresh and protected from the destructive effects of light, heat and oxygen before they are consumed. They also need to be integrated with the appropriate vitamins and minerals for proper metabolism in the body.

Clinical sign of essential fatty acid deficiency include:
・ Dry scaly skin and dry dull hair and nails
・ Poor peripheral tissue perfusion
・ Raised diastolic blood pressure
・ Laboratory findings of low blood coagulation time, raised ESR and normal CRP, raised fibrinogen levels, raised cholesterol and triglycerides.

Diseases associated with EFA deficiency include:
・ Type 1 and type 2 diabetes
・ Hypertension and hyperlipidemia
・ Vascular and heart diseases
・ Inflammatory diseases, asthma, eczema, arthritis and urticaria
・ Autoimmune diseases such as nephritis and thyroiditis
・ Chronic fatigue syndrome, post viral syndrome and osteomyelitis
・ Irritable bowel syndrome and migraine
・ Hormone imbalance – PMT, menstrual pain and mastalgia

Dietary supplementation of EFA’s is essential

Why? Because the processing of vegetable oils for food results in the conversion of a substantial number of them into biologically inactive isomers, which in turn compete with and inhibit the remaining EFA’s. Some of the factors that block the conversion of EFA’s to the necessary end products include saturated fatty acids in the diet, high levels of ingested cholesterol in the blood. Stress producing high levels of adrenaline, excess alcohol consumption, diabetes, atopy (eczema, asthma, allergies and hay fever) and ageing.

(Footnote: 1. An isomer is a chemical substance with the same atoms arranged in a slightly different fashion with a resultant change in its chemical function.)

Other ingredients

ATP 4 also contains the ingredients: linacie oil extract, hemp seed oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, blackcurrant oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, coconut oil and linoleic acid.


ATP 5 is derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast as a purified long chain Beta – 1, 3 -glucan supplement. Developed in Germany it is the most effective beta-glucan available today and is the only plant derived Beta-1, 3-glucan, which has been shown to significantly activate macrophages.

Macrophages are one of the principal blood cells that attack and destroy invading bacteria, viruses, and other injurious agents. The macrophages begin life as blood monocytes that are immature cells when in the blood and have little ability to flight invading agents. However, once they enter the tissues they swell up to five times their normal size. They posses a large number of lysosmes, which produce a number of proteolytic enzymes especially geared for digesting bacteria and foreign protein material. The macrophages are attracted to damaged or toxic areas because these areas release a number of ‘chemotaxic agents’, which allows the macrophages to recognize them as foreign agents and not one of the host cells. One macrophage can attack and ingest up t0 100 bacteria, so their role is a key one in defence.

Macrophages also contain bactericidal agents that kill bacteria by releasing several powerful oxidizing agents such as:
1 Superoxide
2 Hydrogen peroxide
3 Hydroxyl ions

a large number of monocytes enter the tissues and remain as ‘sleepers’ for months or years, until they are called upon to perform specific protective functions. They lie in all tissues but are particularly concentrated in the bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes and are known as the reticulo-endothelial system. When inflammation or injury occurs the monocytes start to grow rapidly in readiness to invade the area and the tissue macrophages break loose from their attachments and become mobile, forming the first line of defence within one hour.

In 1980, Dr. Joyce Czop, discovered the specific receptor site for Beta glucan was the 1-3 linkage of the cell matching a site on the macrophage. Dr.Czop, therefore, rightly concluded that Beta-1, 3-glucan activated the macrophage and therefore acted as a powerful immune stimulator because of this ability to activate macrophage phagocytosis, thereby becoming a key factor in the first line of defence of the immune system. It has therefore been concluded that when the macrophage encounters the Beta glucan molecule and becomes activated it triggers all the macrophage’s powerful immune stimulating capabilities. Activated macrophages then communicate with the T cells of the immuno-logical reactions follow.

Numerous scientific studies from Tulane University and Harvard University exist to attest to the immuno-activating and protective effects of Beta-1, 3-glucan derived from yeast cell walls. In comparison Beta-glucans derived from barley, oats, or other grains have been shown to be ineffective in stimulating macrophage activity.

The benefits of using ATP 5 are as follows:

・ It activates macrophages dramatically and sets off a cascade of events, which stimulate immune function in several areas.
・ Oral Beta glucan gas been found from research to be as effective as intravenous infusions.
・ It is highly adaptable and can be used as an adjuvant in medical applications to boost the effectiveness of anti-biotic treatments.
・ It is at least 100 times more active than mannan (Aloe Vera base).
・ It is very effective as a broad anti-infective agent and it enhances the effects of many antibiotics and cholesterol lowering drugs. In addition it has not been shown to have any drug interactions.
・ It is a superior wound healing agent
・ It demonstrates anti-tumour activity
・ People who are allergic to yeast are not allergic to Beta-1, 3-glucan, because it is a pure isolate and does not contain any yeast protein or living yeast
・ It has no known toxic effects

Macrophages play an essential role in the initiation of the immune response and appear in all forms of animal life, from the simple hydra to the more complicated human being.



Good health is the most elusive state of the modern age. To attain it requires knowledge, management and direction. Left to our own desires we would be hopelessly at sea, lost in indecision and forever changing to new fads; the silver bullet, the magic potion, the doctor who knows it all…. The fountain of life. In reality there is no magic solution, no elixir of life. We have to take a practical approach based on the knowledge and evidence obtained from the research outlined in this paper. Then we have to treat our bodies from a cellular level out, with a vies to obtaining maximum harmony and wellness. We need to find out what is wrong, what caused it, how we can correct it, and then, one day, no doubt without warning, we will find ourselves with knowledge that we had never before possessed. Than, and only then, we will experience a sensation of total wellness. This can be achieved by anyone who adopts the ATP Zeta Program and understands the principles. Our reward will be that our lives will be changed forever.

Only then will we be able to say, “I am free”